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What is an EMT Class?
An Emergency Medical Technician is a certification that provides basic medical training to our members. It teaches you splinting, bandaging, oxygen administration, an basic medical care and evaluation. We ask our members to complete the next available EMT class possible.

How long do EMT Classes last?

Typically, EMT class lasts 3 months, with class meeting 2 nights per week from 7-11pm, and a few Saturdays from 9am-5pm.  Classes generally start in January and September.  There is also an intensive course over the summer that is condensed into 4 weeks of full time class (Monday - Saturday, 9am-5pm).

Where are EMT Classes in the area?
EMT Course locations change depending on the semester. However, courses are generally held at:
Morris County Fire Academy

Capital Health Systems, Trenton, NJ

For a complete listing of courses in NJ, you can visit
Search for "(405)". This is the code for an EMT Basic Class.  The resulting list will be for all locations in NJ.

What do I need to take an EMT Class?
You will need CPR For the Healthcare Provider or Professional Rescuer. These courses are offered through the Red Cross and American Heart Association. We offer the appropriate CPR class at our building as needed. The training is free for our members. Non-members desiring the class can pay for the course. For most EMT classes, you must turn 17 before the scheduled end date of the EMT class to register.

Do I need to be an EMT to join AGFAS?
No. Once you join we will encourage you to become an EMT.

When do volunteers typically work with AGFAS ? Our primary hours of operation are overnight. 7pm-6am Monday through Friday nights. 6pm-6am on Saturday and All day and night sunday..  We also respond to second calls during the day as needed while the primary ambulance is on another call.

How much does EMT Class cost?
The squad will provide a NJ EMT Training Fund voucher to cover the cost of the EMT Class for our volunteer members. Check to see if the class you would like to take accepts this form as not all classes do. If you were to take the class on your own, it would cost at least $1,500.


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